Song Text Translations

Ich habe Genug

I have enough;
I have taken the savior, the hope of the pious,
Into my eager arms;
I have beheld him;
My faith has pressed Jesus to my heart;
Now I wish, with joy, this very day
To depart from here:
I have enough.

I have enough.
My one and only consolation is
That Jesus would be my own and I his.
I hold him in faith;
Thus, with Simeon, I, too, already see
The joy of that life
Let us go with this man
Ah, that from my body’s chains
The Lord would rescue me;
Ah, were indeed my leave-taking here,
I would say with joy to you, world:
I have enough.

Fall into death’s slumber,
you languid eyes,
Droop gently and blissfully shut.
World, I will remain here no longer;
I have indeed no share in you
That could be fit for my soul.
Here on earth I must build up misery,
But there in heaven, there I will look upon
Sweet peace, quiet rest.

Stabat Mater (excerpts)

Who mourned and grieved,
seeing and bearing the torment
of her glorious child.

O Mother, fountain of love,
make me feel the power of sorrow,
that I may grieve with you.

Make me to bear Christ’s death,
sharing in His passion,
and commemorate his wounds.

Agnus Dei from Petite messe solennelle (Little solemn mass)

Lamb of God,
you take away the sins of the world,
have mercy
Give us peace